Games to Get into Modding if You’re Just Starting Off

Stan McLygin
5 min readOct 31, 2021


Modding has changed the way gamers enjoy their favorite games. That’s because they’re no longer restricted to what game companies provide them as part of the game experience.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, can you imagine gaming without mods? Boring! That’s definitely what many gamers would say.

There’s so much that modding can do to make your life easier and your game much more exciting.

You get to enjoy a better gaming experience with modifications that create better maps, new areas to explore, scarier characters if you want a more challenging look, funny characters if you want a lighthearted look, better faces, better shadow rendering, etc.

Why Do Gaming Companies Let Mods Fix their Bugs?

It seems that there’s a mod for just about everything — and gamers are loving it!

Many modders find bugs in games and fix them. At times they apply changes to maps that look somewhat haphazardly created. It follows, therefore, that many question why gaming companies couldn’t achieve such level of care and dedication that modders have for a mod when they have all the resources in their hands (and servers!) to do the job.

Let’s cast our eyes back a few years to answer that question.

Modders have been around for quite some time. They enjoy what they’re doing, yet some ask why they have to go through the trouble of modding games. Why can’t the company do it, considering the many people who’re working for them? Are they cheapskates who want other people to do their jobs?

Well, that’s probably not the reason. No one wants to make a bad game. Who would want to be well known for making bad games, anyway?

But for some reason, there are game companies that have simply let the modders enjoy their modding, with official bug fixes released much later than the mods. There are even some companies that sell mods.

There’s even one company that’s released many games with so many bugs and glitches that modders already know to look out for them whenever a new game is released.

We’re not going to name names, but it’s an open secret in the modding community. You’ll surely find out about such companies the more you do modding.

But other modders defend such game companies, arguing that the process of creating a game and making a mod is different for every game. While these efforts have similar aims, building a game needs a lot more resources and time than creating a mod.

Improving Games Through Modding

What can you do with modding?

Although there are limitations to what you can adjust in a game when modding, more advanced modders have already figured out how things work. Many have immediate access to tools that help them crack a game or make it work better.

There are so many things you can do with modding. If a game was made for a console, but you only have a PC for gaming, then you’d better get yourself a mod for that — and that’s actually possible.

Game textures may be modified for a better game. You can also improve the game’s map so it will be more accurate or includes new areas for gamers to explore.

How about skins and fashion items? You’ll find plenty of those on DIGITALAX. Or, if you’re an artist, you can also post about your creations to inspire others and get them to try the new stuff you’re offering.

Types of Modding

There’s a vast array of modding approaches… and they’re largely dependent on what you can or can’t do in the game. Some games remain too difficult to mod, but others actually have the approval of the game developers.

Data file editing

If you’re trying to do the simplest edits, then doing so in the file manager might actually do the trick. It could be just a matter of modifying the .jpg images to adjust the game’s texture. The same might apply to music files and other items that can be changed in this manner.

API-level interception

This is more complicated than just tweaking something in the file manager. But it’s also great due to the better capabilities that it offers to modders.

For example, in games that often glitch or have a slow frame pacing that leads to lags, mods can modify this frame pacing to deliver a smoother game.

Modding the direct binary code

Not all games allow this, claiming that they only want to protect their trade secrets and intellectual property. But games that do allow this kind of modding remain popular to this day.

However, note that there are servers with shared resources that put all the mods together for everyone to use. But if you know how to do it, you can make mods to the menu and game inventory.

Take note, however, that there are servers with shared resources that put all the mods together for everyone to use. When that happens, you might not feel too happy about having unlimited lives or better weapons because the opponent also has the same, thanks to your mods!

Some modders suggest using software to help you mod more easily, but such resources might not apply to all games.

Best Moddable Games to Play

Not all games are created equal. The same goes with mods. But here are some of the best games you can mod:


Mods with scripted missions and other custom-designed scenarios may be done in this game.

Civilization V

Graphics of the game and its characters greatly improved with mods. There are even lots of surprising mods — such as an evil Gandhi!

Fallout 4

This game is really popular to mod, with Bethesda providing plenty of options for modifications. Mods that change the landscape of The Commonwealth while retaining its wasteland feel are quite popular.

Grand Theft Auto V

Considered to be one of the most popular games, GTA 5 is among the best ones for modding. Thanks to modders, the game now features better graphics. But if you’re using GTA Online, it’s best not to use mods if you can help it.


You can’t make a list of best moddable games without Minecraft on it. This popular game is set in a Lego-like world that provides a beautiful avenue for modding and experimentation.

Mount & Blade: Warband

The vanilla version was highly criticized for repetitive quests and boring dialogues. The dated graphics made it worse. But mods were soon able to make changes that created a fun-filled game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Photorealistic HD textures, new quests, new champions, and so many great features from tens of thousands of mods are available for Skyrim. The game is so popular with modders that it’s been dubbed the “king of all moddable games.”

The Sims 4

The vanilla version of this game is already good, but mods have made it more exciting to play as your Sims go through “real-life” experiences, such as going to kindergarten, attending prom, or joining bachelor parties.


Thanks to support from Steam’s mod Workshop, this game is relatively easy to mod. Some of the best mods involve adding co-play, changing the UI, customizing the gear and squad, and changing the AI.

Have you been involved in game modding? Tell us what you love best.



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